Saturday, April 2, 2011

Granite Grok- Al Has one gear "Forward"

GrokTV Event - NH State Representative Al Baldasaro

"God love him - former Marine, transmission only operates in one direction (forward) and always in motion.  A "prior Marine", he's still operating as if he never left the Corp or his oath.  I don't know Al well, other than I know who he is (and I think he may know who I am - maybe).  No matter - the endearing quality to Al, in my Conservative eyes, is that he never stops and never counts the odds.  A politician that just presses forward and if that takes him into a "lion's den" so be it.  Unlike many politicians who pick and choose or think "high road only", he is ALWAYS willing to engage with those on "the other side".  

Well, there were plenty of opportunities for "engagement" and during one of my forays in and out of the House Chamber, I found Al ... Read More
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