Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HB 601 relative to implementation of Federal Health care reform

HB 601 sends back the Obama care money of 666 thousand and to establish a committee to ensure Obama care does not happen
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HB 542 prohibiting a school district from requiring that a parent send his or her child to any school or program to which the parent may be conscientiously opposed

HB 542 passed 240 Y - 108 N which makes the bill veto proof
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Governor's Veto Message Regarding HB 329 Parental Notification Override Passed

HB 329 which is on Parental Notification where the Governor believes that parents should not be informed if their child is raped or molested, got pregnant passed to override 266Y-102 N. Children under age who get pregnant from a family member or close friend will not be hidden anymore without parents knowledge/ involvement.

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Governors Veto Message Regarding HB 133 Following the Federal Minimum Wage

HB 133 will have our state defers to the minimum wage laws to the federal law passed to override the Veto 294Y - 110 N

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Vote on Governor's Veto Message that Mandates Sprinklers

HB 109 prohibits local planning boards from requiring the installation of fire suppression sprinkler system in proposed one or two-family residence as a condition of approval for local permits. The house voted to override the veto 294Y - 72N.
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HB 1-A making appropriations for the expenses of certain departments of the state for fiscal years ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013

HB 1-A passed 274Y - 108N. HB 2 relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures passed 259Y - 119N. The budget is passed with a veto proof vote.
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SB 91 relative to automatic fire suppression sprinklers

SB 91 makes sense to not mandate the sprinklers in single family homes passed 284Y - 92N. If you want to put sprinklers in, it should be your choice to pay for it. Did you know that your sprinklers are useless if you have a well and power goes out, the sprinklers pump needs a generator to work. Many homes throughout the state and would have to pay for a generator hookup.
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SB 88 on physical force in defense of a person and brandishing

SB 88 relative to physical force in defense of a person and relative to the brandishing of a firearm or other means of self defense passed 283Y - 89N.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011


1st inning 6 - 0 Red Sox over Milwaukee Brewers
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With family at the Island Creek Oyster Bar for brunch before Red Sox.