Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Adventures

After a morning blogging and fine tuning the new website Judy and I attended Mass at St. Jude's and stopped by Peterson's to pick up the order of fresh Maple Syrup. Now we are heading to Jewell Towne Vineyard in South Hampton to do some sampling :)

Have a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to our in depth discussions on issues related to NH.

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  1. wow al this feels like im in your living room. whats is that i smell??? meatballs???... good luck with this sarge,,, im almost 900 miles away and i know your doin a hell of a job. no fear,,, nor mistakes,,, no prisoners... to much is depending on this

  2. the right to carry a firearm in your home state is a constitutional right. of that there is no doubt. with few exceptions, the argument can be made to curtail that right. i.e. i would not want a visitor armed while visiting a relative in state prison. i would discourage attendees of the national convention of the bloods and the crips being armed at the event. but i support your efforts to bring sanity and reason to the debate. i know the job is tough,,, but i know you are tougher


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