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Representative Baldasaro has to make the tough decisions

Representative Baldasaro has to make the tough decisions

Letter to the Editor of Londonderry NH April 3, 2011
Once again, the Governor takes no responsibility with the NH Deficit
rising to almost 900 million because he feels that the Tax Payers should be paying more taxes to keep up with his spending habits. In his budget he wanted to down shift cost, make our School District & Town pay out more money towards Retirement benefits and cut education funding along with cutting building aid payments with catastrophic aid to

Just Google his past speech's on his Budget address/spending which forced us to make so many tough decisions to balance the budget to protect the wallets of the Tax payers to keep NH out of bankruptcy. Is our House budget perfect? I doubt it, but I can tell you that Londonderry schools will not lose money and stay level funding for the next two years where we should get our catastrophic aid because we put more money there so it don't come from the Londonderry Tax Payers.

If you read on the the Londonderrynh site, you would think that we are screwing the taxpayers by some of the poster's comments. But if you read between the lines of their comments, you would see that the House position on the Budget is to make tough decisions to fix the NH deficit. Per this site, it sounds more like a site which is the Democrat way of keep paying for all the Social Programs, keep taking from the Tax Payer and let the fraud continue but that is Freedom of Speech from the use of their fake names.

Kathy Wagner is the one who stated the "Senate is the adults here", let us see how they balance the budget and how they put back items and shift monies to the Tax Payers. Some Senators usual have a bleeding heart and don't mind letting the Unions run wild on the Tax Payers but not me and many of our Representatives who voted on not a perfect budget, but a balanced one that forces the state to live within our means. Can you keep running your home on borrowed money? After awhile, the payments will come do and you either pay it or cut in other areas so you can feed the family and keep a roof over your head.

To the many Londonderry Residents who sent me a letter that they do not like some of the cuts but understand we have no choice and supported us, I thank you. Hopefully when the Senate gets their turn, they don't cave into all the Special Interest Groups/State Union raises, upping the benefits with less money paying from the employees that takes almost 50 million out of the budget in this budget cycle (Biannual).

So when you hear that the Senate will fix this short fall, believe me I will wait patiently on how they are the "big Adults" here per Kathy Wagner. All I can say is beware of the messenger who could be a Democrat crying that we are cutting everything or the RINO (Republican in Name Only) that twist the actual truth as to what is happening that effects Londonderry and our State.

If I don't believe in something, I don't vote for it, no matter what Leadership says, check my record and at the end of the day I sleep like a baby knowing I did the right thing to better NH. I stand by my vote on the Evergreen clause, to stop the state union raises that we cannot afford in a very bad economy. Especially where we will force the State Commissioner's to live within their means and they are the ones who will make the tough decisions on how to spend your tax dollars to keep programs going.

I have posted some other articles for your review to see for yourself and not just my opinion. See, or look at how we are trying to stop future raising of taxes with a constitutional amendment that the Democrats hated and try to stop us at

If you have read postings on this site, you will see some are stating that I do not answer e-mails. I assure you that I try to e-mail back as many as I can in a timely manner but do to the 100's of e-mail I get a day on controversial issues is impossible. It has put me behind on answering them but I will get to them. The person named Bryan on the Londonderrynh site complaining about not receiving an answer to his email is confusing because I did a search on all the e-mails I have left to answer and their names are not there. Judy asked them to resend the email to me and I have not seen it yet. So I question the integrity of the Anonymousness posters on that site.

Please bear with us on the budget process, as we just completed the 2nd stage of a 4 stage process and depending on what the Senate does, we will come together in the 4th stage during a Committee of Conference to finalize the budget. There will be one final vote which will happen by the Senate & the House of Representatives on what comes out of the committee and then the final budget goes to the governor for his signature.

I am trying my best to earn that $100.00 a year I get for doing this job, which in my opinion is, trying to keep NH the best state to live in with smaller government and less spending where we live within our means. I know anything we Conservatives do opens us up for false attacks, since Democrats will do the opposite of us or the Londonderrynh sites Journalist letters don't give the whole truth on the Legislation that has been passed. So don't believe me just read back at the titles and you will see what I am talking about and then read the actual bills.

I am proud of my vote, to get parents involved with the Education Plan by requiring their approval before their child can quit school. The bill required them to work with the Superintendent. I hope I don't shock the many Democrats on the Londonderrynh site but the age limit to quit school is still 18, but they keep that quiet because their title was fun reading/hearing all the twisted statements concerning the school age drop out law.

I want to touch on Kathy Wagner's comments concerning the PTSD Article in the Newspaper. I have no clue why the Londonderry Times did not talk about the other Sponsors but I can tell you that I am the only Chairman who has pushed for answers on the PTSD/TBI Committee last year asking why it was not held and went to the Senator to ask her to put it back in since the Democrats failed to do anything to finalize the Commission. I can tell you that the Former Speaker did not tell the truth when she stated we never went to her because after I talked to her she passed the buck to Rep Kris Roberts from Keene and he said it was too late to do anything. My Committee has held two hearings on the Veterans needs in the state by bringing in the VA Hospital Director, the Homeless Veterans Program director and many others to get a handle on the issues and keep the lines of communications open since January.

I have stopped posting on the Londonderrynh site recently as I had too much going on and I had better things to do than debate the Anonymous posters attacks on me, who I believe many of them are the same person, but I have been known to be wrong once or twice and I do not hesitate in admitting it.

As my sister-in-Law, a Londonderry Resident said it best to me, "you did not run for office to be loved, you ran to make a difference in people's lives." Many of the complainers on the Londonderrynh site who are against my votes, probably did not vote for me anyways and I can't make everyone happy.

If you have any questions on why I voted a certain way, please go to and send me a e-mail through the comments section.

Thank You

AL Baldasaro

State Representative

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