Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Press Release: Call For NH Democrat Chair Removal

For Immediate Release:                                                                                                  
Contact – Andrew Hemingway
Candidate for NHGOP Chair Andrew Hemingway calls for the Immediate Removal of House Criminal Justice and SafetyChair, Laura Pantelakos
Yesterday at the NH State House, hundreds of citizens came together to provide testimony to the House Criminal Justice and Safety Committee in regards to HB 135. The citizens who took valuable time out of their busy schedules arrived and gave testimony both in support of and in opposition to HB 135. After a particularly moving statement from a citizen in opposition of HB 135, there were a few who clapped briefly showing their support. It was at this point that the Chair showed her true bias and her true ideology by saying, "Show some respect for the members of this committee. We are forced to sit here and suffer through this…I am not going to tolerate this!"
"Suffer through this" ...That is to say that the chairwoman listening to voters voicing their opinions on legislation is to suffer. This is the Democrat leadership's opinion of listening to New Hampshire voters. This is without a doubt the most divisive, extreme leadership we have ever seen in the State House. Candidate for NHGOP Chair Andrew Hemingway, who attended the hearing yesterday, said "I was at the hearing and hundreds of citizens sacrificed time from their jobs and families to attend this hearing and were disrespected by the comments of the chairwoman. I am calling for her immediate removal as Chair of the committee. If the burden of listening to voters is too great for the chairwoman, than it is incumbent upon Speaker Norelli to remove her as chair and replace her with one that respects the voice of the people."
He continued, "Following the removal of the Redress of Grievances committee and now these statements, it is becoming apparent that this Democrat-lead House is not interested in hearing from the citizens of New Hampshire. They were elected to represent the voters of New Hampshire, yet their unwillingness to listen begs the question: Who exactly are they representing?"

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