Sunday, January 20, 2013

2nd Amendment Rally in Concord 1/31 at Noon

Following the hugely successful Rally on Jan 19th, there will be another Pro-2nd Amendment Rally scheduled for noon on Jan. 31 at the Statehouse.

More immediate and very important is bill HB 135 on Tuesday Jan 22nd at 1:00. This is a bill sponsored by the Democrat's Majority Leader Steve Shurtliff, that would repeal "stand your ground". "Stand Your Ground" was added to the Castle Doctrine by the Republicans in 2011, which permitted deadly force when a person is threatened in a place that they have the right to be. We need everyone to load the Statehouse and tell their legislators to not give up one inch of our rights. !

The committee hearing is Tuesday Jan. 22. at 1:00 PM.

Please be seen and heard to stop this Democrat bill that will erode our rights.

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