Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kathy Has Some "Splainin" to do by Jim Loiselle

Kathy, "can you explain to me, as I am confused, how asking for court review of the quorum question relates to a plan to "reduce" the school budget."

Thanks for posting this and I thank you for your sincere comments.

I was going to post this letter but you beat me to it!!!

Kathy has lost all credibility with many in town who have read her letter of deceit to the Tax Payers in hopes to get the usual feel bad for the kids mentality that comes out of many School Districts and Legislators to get people to support throwing more dollars at the schools.

I am really ashamed at her for sending out lies throughout our community and Kathy Wagner owes Brian, Sean and myself an apology for this bull.

We have never said we wanted a flat tax, or distorted the truth, but expressed our opinion on an unconstitutional quorum. Because we disagree with Kathy, she is spreading falsehoods about us. The people will decide what happens with the budget not us.

Knowing Kathy, I won't hold my breath waiting.

It's a shame that the School Supporters of the quorum would stoop this low!!!