Saturday, October 6, 2012


On behalf of Representative Baldasaro I wish to thank all of you for your prayers and concern. I wish I could call each and every one of you and tell you personally. I want to share with you that Al Baldasaro is doing better today than he was Thursday after he suffered a serious heart attack at the State House. He drove himself to the hospital because we all know he is a tough Marine. He calls this heart attack a "temporary setback". The doctors at the Concord Hospital took great care of him and they immediently rushed him into the OR where they inserted a stint into a artery that was completely blocked.

I wish to share with you that he is as happy as always, and he is the best patient. He never complains about anything. He wants to make sure everyone knows his situation, because it is difficult for him to talk on the phone, email and text right now. He is most worried about his constituents and that he isn't available to help them right now. That is exactly what he was doing at the State House before he decided he could't wait anymore and that he needed to get to the hospital.

He will be in the hospital until at least Sunday or Monday. We do not know when he will be discharged. We expect he will not be able to drive or go to meetings at the State House for at least a week, and only resume activities as the doctors approve them.

The activity of visits and phone calls has been exhausting for him, and he would love to talk to each one of you, but it is difficult for him to do so at this time.

God Bless you and thank you for all of your Prayers,

Judy Seppala on behalf of Representative Al Baldasaro

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