Sunday, March 11, 2012

FW: FW: Melanie Tamburello LTE School Board

Melanie Tamburello for School Board

 Our school experiences with Moose Hill, Matthew Thornton, and North School have been incredible, and I want to be a part of keeping that experience and our schools exceptional. I am a North School PTA member. My children are involved with soccer and lacrosse outside of school. This year I brought in Ski and Snowboard Club to the elementary school level and coordinated the North School Group. All relationships I have forged within the schools have been positive. I feel I have a vested interest in the success of the Londonderry school system and am excited at the prospect of serving on the School Board.  

I have three children, one at North School, one at Moose Hill and one entering pre-school in the fall at KBC. Currently, I am a stay at home parent. My past work includes being an office manager for a multi-million dollar business, my duties included accounting, managing a small staff, customer relations, inter business relations and insurance work. I have also worked for the US Census Bureau as an Office Operations Supervisor. I managed all incoming and outgoing paperwork, was an overseer for data entry, supervised over 200 employees inside and outside the office. My organizational and innovative style was recognized and I was sent to the after-action committee for the Census Bureau to provide input on future Census procedures. 

I feel my time on the School Board would be well spent serving a community my family and I have lived in since 2006. We moved to Londonderry with a two and a half year old son, knowing that when the time came to start school, Londonderry had an exceptional school system. I grew up in a school system very similar to Londonderry. Education expectations of staff and pupils were high.  The two high schools were annually ranked highly in the state and had varied classes and college level offerings, which were cutting edge in the 1990s. I have also had the opportunity to live in a variety of places around the world and see different educational systems and how they work. I have seen many different formulas for exceptional education, and will bring that diverse and new perspective to the table if elected to school board. 

I view the schools as a system and have the experience to bring innovation to facilitate the school's needs. I have the accounting and payroll background to make the numbers work, and I possess the interpersonal skills to work on the School Board as a team member. I am ready to fight for the needs of the children to ensure their education is tops. If elected to School Board, I will have no other local government commitment and can focus my energy toward the School Board's priorities. If elected I welcome parents, tax payers, and school employees to be in contact with me directly.  

I humbly ask for your consideration on Election Day.  

Melanie Tamburello

           Royal Lane

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