Monday, September 19, 2011

Endorsement of Governor Rick Perry

After many days of reviewing and meeting many of the Republican candidates, I am very motivated and very impressed with Governor Rick Perry’s enthusiasm, tell it like it is mentality and his can do attitude.

I have viewed his record, while I don’t agree with on a couple of decisions, but of hundreds that he has made, Governor Rick Perry does have a very impressive record in taking care of Veterans, Businesses and jobs. His less taxes mentality in Texas have attracted many to his state.

I believe that many off his Texas accomplishments would be an asset for our country and the Governor has an great record to stand on.

Rick Perry was a Pilot in the Air Force for 11 years. OOH RAH!!!

Without hesitation, I Enthusiastically Endorse Rick Perry for President!

Semper FI


Representative Al Baldasaro
Rockingham County
District 3 (Auburn and Londonderry)
State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee

2011 NH VFW Legislative Committee

41 Hall Road
Londonderry, NH 03053
Cell 603-858-3535

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