Friday, October 22, 2010

Who is Representative Al Baldasaro?

I am a Candidate seeking my third term as your State Representative, representing the towns of Auburn & Londonderry. As your State Representative, my voting record speaks for itself.  I am proud to serve you as a loud voice in Concord , one who will continue to look out for your wallets and keep government out of your homes.


I am a straight talking person, one who will tell it like it is and I know I can't make everyone happy. We will not agree on all of my votes but at least you know up front where I stand on issues that affect you and if you don't know, you may ask me.


As I have stated many times, I want to ensure New Hampshire stays a "Live Free or Die" state and where we maintain the NH Advantage. I'll continue to vote to protect our quality of life. I don't support an income tax or a broad base tax. I will continue to fight the Democrats on bringing back parental notification and fight for the protection of our children from child molesters.


I will continue to support Londonderry & Auburn in getting their fair share of the Adequacy Education funding, along with a constitutional amendment to ensure Local Control of education decisions. Londonderry is scheduled to lose 1.7 Million and Auburn is scheduled to loose 167,000 dollars. I believe the money should follow the child. I will continue to look out for my constituents on the Adequacy Education formula along with the $41 Million in Education Stimulus that came to NH, with many mandates to ensure that the TAX PAYERS are not left paying for all the mandates.

For your information, I do not plan on putting any bills in that will take from the Tax Payers of NH but I do plan at looking at how we can repeal the many taxes and fees that were voted in by the Democrats, like repealing bill that raised the Motor Vehicle registration fees. I will also ensure that Londonderry and Auburn get their fair share of the Rooms & Meals Tax, repeal the Business Enterprise Tax (BET), repeal the Evergreen Clause and that our schools get their fair share of the education Adequacy funds.

We are fortunate here in NH because we do not have a revenue problem; the Governor/Democrat controlled Legislature has a spending problem. That needs to be stopped!  I will continue to be a loud voice on the bloated revenue projections that the Democrats used to justify their over 27% hike in spending in the last 4 years.

I will continue to be an Advocacy for lower taxes and less spending, smaller, more efficient constitutional government, family's right to keep government out of family decisions, fundamental and 'individual" right to keep and bear arms, protect family through educational choice with charter schools and vouchers and support for home schooling, protect the children with Special Needs along with local control of education.

I will never change my views where I believe that U.S. and N.H. Constitutions are a check on governmental power and an expansion of personal liberty. Government expansion does not enhance freedom and liberty, rather, government curtails it, religious freedom is a fundamental right and I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

I will continue to protect the 10th amendment of the U.S. constitution which is being overstepped and I stand by the best kind of government, is a government that is of the people.

If you need more information on me, check out .

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate in calling me at 425-6997 or e-mail me your questions at

Together we will continue the fight to ensure NH is the best state in the country to raise a family and with your help we can make that happen. I ask for your support and vote on November 2nd, so I can continue to be a loud voice for the business's and families of NH.


Thank you,


Al Baldasaro                                                                                                                 

State Representative                                                                                                


District 3 (Auburn & Londonderry)                                                                               

State Federal Relations & Veteran Affairs Committee                                        

Legislative Administration Committee                                                                 

Legislative Subcommittee on mileage                                                                           

State Veterans Advisory Committee (SVAC)

Community involvement: 

2010 Charter Commission

Vice Chair of the Elder Affairs Committee

Finance Chair for Old Home Day Committee

Londonderry Housing Task Force

Former Senior Vice Commander of the Londonderry American Legion                     

Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the NH Department of American Legion

Former Chairman of the Londonderry Republican Committee

Former ALERT Member 

Member of the VFW

Member of the Moore-Mart Resource Team

Board of Trustees, Liberty House (Homeless Veterans Shelter)





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