Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Town Meeting Results
We have the results from about ½ the
towns that voted today,
March 9.
Returns are slow coming in because some meetings

continued past midnight.
Tonight's message is clear.
The majority of NH Citizens say they
 Want to Vote on the Definition of Marriage
Roughly 1/4 of all NH Towns voted today
at Town Meeting on the Warrant Article
Resolved: The citizens of New Hampshire
should be allowed to vote on an amendment
to the New Hampshire Constitution that defines "marriage".

This Article passed in EVERY
town that we have results for,
 except five small towns where each

had less than 100 people vote on the article.
Help collect the remaining totals.
If your town already voted on the Marriage Article
and the results are not listed HERE,please
email the number of: YES votes, NO votes,
and the total number of registered
voters who were at the
Town Meeting to

If your town has not voted yet,
be sure to attend your Town Meeting and
vote YES on the marriage article. 
 HERE is a list of all the towns that will vote on marriage.

Vote Results – NH Citizens say they Want to Vote on the Definition of Marriage | comment

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