Monday, March 22, 2010

Marriage Amendment Vote

The Truth about the Results of
Town Meeting Votes on Marriage
92 NH Towns voted on an article that said:
Resolved: The citizens of New Hampshire should be allowed to vote on
an amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that defines "marriage".

64 % of these Towns PASSED the Marriage Article
The total state-wide vote count was 61.3% YES, 38.7% No
The COMPLETE results to date are available at
Spinning the Results
It is very noteworthy that groups like New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition
and Granite State Progress are focusing on who did NOT vote on the Article.
They emphasize the number of towns and cities where petitions were NOT filed.
They tried desperately to keep people from voting on the article by amending
or tabling it.  They successfully amended it in 16 towns and tabled it in 33 others.
Now they want to claim that these towns defeated the article, even though the
citizens in these towns never voted on the article's resolution.
They deliberately ignore the fact that the Article passed by an overwhelming majority
of the citizens who actually voted on it.  59 Passed (64%),  33 Failed (36%)
Help Tell the Truth
Many media reports this past week have presented the opposition's biased
view of the results.  Help clarify the distorted picture the public was given.
Please pass this information onso more people will know how many other
NH citizens agree that we should vote on the definition of marriage.
Letters to the editor are a great tool for bringing balance to news reports and
keeping an issue alive and fresh in the mind of the public.
You are welcome and encouraged to use the information here and on the site for letters to the editor. 
Thank you for your concern about marriage and your perseverance to protect it.

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