Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear Editor

I am impressed with all the letters in support or against Article 3 and the many different interpretations of the constitution. The Democrats are out in force trying to say that you better like the Legislator's decision and if you don't you are either hateful, a bigot and the best one of all, a homophobe, simply because you support traditional marriage. Did they tell you that all of your Londonderry Legislators voted against same sex marriage? 

I hate to bust their bubble but we do have a constitutional right to disagree with the Legislative process, especially when it was flawed by Legislators getting up and not casting their vote. In my opinion Marriage is not a civil right issue because the State has laws on who can get married and who can't, and the ones who are in love that can't get married by law, per many letters, yes, they are discriminated against, even though many of us agree with the law.

Some say they were fooled on signing the petition, which is a shame because the petition is simple language that most people understand. I am sorry if you read between the lines because I support marriage between a man and a woman and that has been published since I got involved in politics.  Article 3 is a non-binding resolution, which will tell the Legislators we want to vote or not vote on defining marriage. If you can't figure that out, or maybe got intimidated after you signed, than I feel bad for you, especially when I explained it to you personally. 

Please do not let people talk you out of what you believe in, by calling it discrimination or hateful, and stand up for what you believe your definition of marriage is. I will be at the polls casting my 'yes' vote on Article 3, where I want the right to vote on a constitution amendment in defining marriage. 31 states have had the opportunity to vote, so what the Democrats are scared of is you exercising your right to vote on what you believe. Our NH Supreme Court under rule 7 & 11, when appealing decisions in Family Court, still recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

 I will also be casting my vote for Tom Freda and John Farrell who are two strong Conservatives and they will look out for your wallet. Meg Seymour has done an outstanding job as our Town Clerk and deserves our vote of confidence in her once again.

Our Town elections are supposed to be non-partisan but you know, like I do, if you vote in a Democrat in local politics than you will get bigger government and more services at the tax payer's expense, which means property taxes, will go up. I will be voting for 2 strong voices on protecting the tax payers for the Budget Committee, Daniel Lekas and John Curran.  I will also be casting my vote in support of the SB2 Charter Commission.

 It's great to be an American where we can agree to disagree against our government and have the right to exercise our vote at the polls without intimidation.

Al Baldasaro


  1. Last year, NH’s Democratic-controlled House and Senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage. Democrat Governor Lynch signed it. Gay marriage in NH became legal in January of 2010.
    There are those who believe that such an important issue should have been decided by the people. If passed, Article 3 on the Londonderry Town Ballot would forward a “suggestion” to the NH legislature requesting that: “The Citizens of New Hampshire should be allowed to vote on an amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that defines “marriage.”
    So what is this issue really about? It is generally true that those who oppose gay marriage want to “suggest” to our legislators, “Please let us vote.” Those who want the gay marriage practice to continue don’t want the people of NH to be able to vote on it.
    However, there is an even greater issue in play here…the right to vote.
    It is disturbing that those opposing this request to vote support the right to vote until they become afraid that their views might be in the minority. Then, they are willing to deny others their voting rights.
    Today, we have Article 3 requesting the right to vote on gay marriage. Tomorrow, we may have another Article 3 requesting the right to vote on another issue important to you. At that time, I am certain you would appreciate your fellow Americans supporting your right to vote.
    Please vote YES on Article 3 on Londonderry’s Town Ballot on March 9th.
    Katherine J. Getchell

  2. Nothing compares to the Love between a Man and a Woman, so please don't dilute the meaning of marriage by including any other types.

    A Baldasaro2010 Supporter


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